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|[DeaD]| GoDz OF DeaTH

Clan Goals :

Get a Nplay group.

15 Members.

Do good in clan wars.

20 members.

Get Professional

30 members.

Get very known and respected.

35 members.

Become Skillful and Rule Over Begone and the Nplay community

40 members

Be the Best

Clan Ranks :

1) |[R.I.P]| Clan Owner / Owner Post

2) Zombie Recricuter  2nd In Command / Main Recricuter

3) DeaD General  3rd In Command / Assistant of The Recricuter

4)Grudge Hunter  Skilled Clan Member / Needs More Skill

5) Zombie  A Rookie / Recruit

Joining Method :

Things can happen for you to get into the clan.

1) Send your application as a reply to this thread and be eligible for testing or rejected immediately.

2: If you have been seen playing or have tremendous stats and skill you may be invited to the clan right away without being tested.
Application Form :

Profile Link ►
Games You Play ►
Clan History ►
Will you be loyal to DeaD? ►
Who recommended you to DeaD? ►
Why do you want to join DeaD? ►
What contributions can you make to DeaD if we accept you? ►
Since How Many Month's Are You Playing The Game ►
Link To Your BeGone BrotherHood Account ►
Something else you want to add ►

Profile Link ?
Games You Play ?
What is your reason to join Dead?
What do you expect from Dead?
What qualities make you special from others?
What does loyalty mean to you?
What clans have you been in? Why did you leave all of your previous clans?
Did you have any previous account? If so, please state them.
Where are you from?

Do you have RaidCall?

Alternate games:
Usernames you use (Steam, Kongregate, Battle.Net, etc.):
Are you currently in a clan:
Have you had a problem with the BB/UGB mod staff (Chat bans / forum bans). If yes, why?
What clans were you previously in?
What games do you play?
Give us one random fact about yourself:


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